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About Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan as a crossroad of the The Great Silk Road - 7 days / 7 nights
Pearls of Uzbekistan
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Uzbekistan as a crossroad of the The Great Silk Road-
7 days / 7 nights
Delhi - Tashkent - Urench/Khiva – Bukhara - Samarkand – Tashkent - Delhi

Day 1 : Monday / Thursday / Sunday Delhi - Tashkent
04:10 Arriving to Tashkent by flight HY 426
Custom and passport formalities (about 1 hour)
Transfer to hotel for accommodation.

Tashkent, one of the largest ancient cities in Central Asia, capital of Uzbekistan. In Uzbek, Tashkent means “the Stone City” and is also known as a city of striking contrasts. You will see both old and modern city.

Excursion program in Tashkent Visit the architectural complex "Khazret-Imam" incl. necropolis of imam Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Kaffal Shashi who was one of the first Muslim imams and a famous divine and poet (16th c), "Barak-khan Medressa" - built by Suyunidj-khan - the first ruler of the Uzbek dynasty of the Sheibanid's (16th c), "Tellya Sheikh Medressa" also called "Khast Imom Mosque" where Osman Quran - the world's oldest is kept (19th c), "Juma Mosque" (15-19th cc). Visit of Chor Su Bazaar. Art Applied Museum, "Monument of Courage" (1976) - the epicenter of the Tashkent earthquake of 1966, Amir Timur Square, "Independence Square", Square of A.Navoi theater, Overnight in Tashkent

Day 2 : Tuesday / Friday / Monday Tashkent- Urgench - Khiva
05:00 Early breakfast at hotel.
05:30 Transfer to Tashkent domestic airport (time is subject to change).
07:00 departure to Urgench by HY-1051.
08:40 arrival to Urgench.
Meeting at the airport. Drive to Khiva (30 km).
Arrival to Khiva. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation.

History of Khoresm dates so long back to ancient times that only few civilizations can equal its age. You will see palaces with the rich mosaic, unique beautiful minarets, madrasahs and mosques such as:

Excursion program over Khiva:
Mausoleum of Pahlavan Makhmud (XVII-XIX), Tosh-Khowli Palace (Harem) (1830-1836), Kunya-Ark Fortress (1868-1888), Kalta-Minor Minaret (1855), Medrese of Shergazi-Khan (1718-1720), Complex of Alla-Kuli Khan (XIII-XVIII), Juma Mosque and Minaret (XII-XX).
Karavan-Saray (XVIII), Minaret and Mosque of Khodja-Islam (1908-1910), Tim of Ala-Kulikhan (XIX), Medrese of Abdulla-Khan (1865), Mausoleum of Said Alautdin (XIV), Medrese of Mukhamad Amin-Khan (XIX), Walls of Ichan-Kala (XVIII-XIX), Palvan-Darvaza Gate (XIX). (Architectural complex of Ichan-Kala is a mini town and excursion is held inside of Ichon-Kala by walk).
Overnight in Khiva

Day 3 : Wednesday / Saturday / Tuesday Khiva - Bukhara
08:00 Breakfast at hotel.
09:00 Drive to Bukhara via Kyzylkum desert (480 km).
Lunch free (lunch box or stop on the road according to your wishes).
16:00 Arrival and accommodation in hotel.
Free time for the rest in Bukhara
First familiarization with Bukhara
Overnight in Bukhara

Day 4 : Thursday / Sunday / Wednesday Bukhara
Breakfast As mentioned in the holy Avesta book Bukhara is one of the most ancient Uzbek towns built on the sacred hill of spring time offerings put by Zoroastrians. The name " Bukhara " is derived from Sanskrit denoting "temple, cloister". This city was once a big commercial centre on the Great Silk Road

All day visit in Bukhara Complex "Poi Kalon" ("Beneath the Great"): "Kalyan Minaret" - the main symbol of sacred Bukhara that symbolized authority and power of spiritual governors. (12th c), "Kalyan Mosque"- its area of 130x80 m surpasses Bibi-Khanym mosque in Samarkand, "Miri Arab Madrassah" - active madrassah is one of the most esteemed spiritual Islamic universities (16th c), "Taki Zargaron" - the dome of jewelers (15-16th cc), "Ulugbeg Madrassah" - one of the 3 madrassahs constructed by grandson of Tamerlan - Ulugbeg (15th c), "Abdulaziz-khan Madrassah" - a traditional madrassah with 2 floors of hudjras and a mosque on the central axis ( mid. of 17th c), “Tim of Abdullah-Khan madrassah” (1588-1590), atlas shops, "Magoki-Attari Mosque" - the most ancient mosque in Bukhara (12th c) is considered a masterpiece of Bukhara architecture, "Khanaka and madrassah of Nadir Divan-Beghi" - a massive rectangular structure that was a place for the refuge and meditation of Sufis (17th c), "Kukeldash Madrassah" (16th c) - one of the biggest Bukhara madrassah, "Lyabi-Hauz" ensemble - the largest artificial reservoir of medieval Bukhara - is very popular among tourists (14-17th cc) “Mausoleum of the Samanids” - the most ancient brick building in Central Asia, a masterpiece of world architecture (9-10th c). The mausoleum of Chashma Ayub that belongs to esteemed "places of trace" left by saints (14th c). - the legend says that once the bible prophet Job (Ayub) visited this place. Museum of Imam Al Bukhari. "Bolo-Houz Mosque" - the only monument of medieval Bukhara (beg. of 20th c), "Ark fortress" - the center of Bukhara statehood (4th c BC), silk carpet shops Overnight in Bukhara

Day 5 : Friday / Monday / Thursday Bukhara - Samarkand
Breakfast at hotel.
Departure to Samarkand (300 km – 4-4.5 hours).
Arrival to Samarkand and transfer to hotel for accommodation.

The town of Blue domes": The history of Samarkand dates back to 2500 years and more from now landmarks dated back to the times of the Timur Dynasty and is of the same importance as architectural masterpieces of ancient Egypt , China , India , Greece and Rome.

After lunch excursion in Samarkand: Gur Emir Mausoleum - Tamerlan's tomb (14-15th c.) that was built for Temur's grandson Muhammad-Sultan and the tombs of three other Temurids - sons of Temur - Miranshah and Shahruh and his grandson Ulugbek Visiting of Valentina Romanenko Art Workshop where you can see a collection of scarves, dresses, bags and other garments made by old technologies handed down by Uzbek masters from generation to generation. The dresses and costumes made with modern fashion trends in view are decorated with traditional oriental motifs, embroidered and applied by batik methods. Rich oriental patterns are also used to decorate various accessories. Lunch and dinner free
Overnight in Samarkand

Day 6 : Saturday / Tuesday / Friday Samarkand
Breakfast at hotel.
Excursion in Samarkand:
Registan Square ("A sandy place") - the major square of Samarkand: Ulugbeg Madrassah - Sheikh Khodja Akhrar and poet Djami were among outstanding graduates of the Madrassah (15th c.), Sher-Dor Madrassah ("Having tigers") (17th c.), Tillya-Kari Madrassah ("Coated by gold") - the rich gilding on the dome, walls and mihrab surpassed all other famous buildings in Central Asia (17th c.). The mosque named after Hazret-Hyzr - an Islamic saint and eternal wanderer. He was esteemed as giving richness and good luck in far voyages and trade (19th c.) Cathedral mosque Bibi-Khanym that was named after the oldest wife of Tamerlan (14th c.), world famous Samarkand bazaar – “Siyob” Visiting Ulughbek’s Observatory (XV.), Khodja Daniil Mausoleum. Ancient settlement Afrosiyab and Afrosiyab Museum (8th BC-13th AD). Situated in the outskirts of the city, with archeological discoveries, pottery and terracotta statuettes are on the exhibit in the Afrosiyab Museum. The visit of the old factory producing paper “Meros”. Lunch and dinner free
Overnight in Samarkand

Day 7 : Sunday / Wednesday / Saturday Samarkand – Tashkent - Delhi
Breakfast Departure to Tashkent (330 km).
Arrival to Tashkent. Free time in Tashkent.
on Wednesday / Sunday
17:30 Transfer to airport
20:10 Departure by flight HY425

on Saturday
15:30 Transfer to airport
18:50 Departure by flight HY423

* Please note that itinerary and visit of sights may be changed due to unforeseen conditions. If so, the visit will be changed for the equal.

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